Thursday, November 13, 2014

ONLINECLASSES No1 How to Get Free Linux VPS(Ubuntu VPS for free life time) no credit card

ONLINECLASSES No1 How to Get Free Linux VPS(Ubuntu VPS for free life time) no credit card

Hello and welcome my friends .today i'm going to teach you how to get free Linux(Ubuntu) Virtual Private Server(VPS).its very simple you don't have to is not required your credit card details either.its very cool web site they allow us to built in IDE to coding we can code python,ruby,ios or HTML 5,PHP its awesome.the website is
they are doing really good job for developers .
they provide 1 Gb ram 30 Gb hard disk space for free developing purpose
ok lets back to lesson this lesson serious take 4-5 lessons.
this is first lesson
first create account in

give email address and password
and press sign up
now they sent a confirmation email to your email address go to your email address and find that email.some times if it is not in inbox check spam folder
then they send confirmation link click it now you confirm your account
they build our server its like this

we can do lots of things in this server
next lesson im going to teach you how to install VNC server inside this Ubuntu server and how to remote log in to this server.

if you have any question please leave a comment below
thank you
have a nice day

here is video i created for easy understand

most of my youtube channel viewers asked me how to find IP address of koding i have created a video for you
here is the video


  1. i created my account but i can't view my account ip adress

    1. i have created a video for you guys.most of people from youtube have request me how to find ip address so i created video

  2. Bro I opened that website but i do not see the portion of creation of an account...Please tell me

  3. Hi mate, I was created my account successfull. Thanks a lot. I was seen your videos and i was get my IP Address, but i dont seen port linked with it. Where can I find port linked to my IP Address (, XXXX is value I can get. Could you help me?. Waiting for a favorable response. God Bless you. You will have a nice day

    1. if you are installing LXDE then there is default port for more info see this post
      How to install LXDE in Ubuntu