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ONLINECLASSES No2 How to Install LXDE Light weight Environment In Ubuntu Server.and Install TightVNC server in Koding Server

ONLINECLASSES No2 How to Install LXDE Light weight Environment In Ubuntu Server.and Install TightVNC server in Koding Server and Remote Desktop Logging To Ubuntu Server

Hello and welcome friends thank you coming to my Sameera Dissanayaka Here.
we have started the Free Ubuntu VPS lesson series. Today is lesson number 2
today we are going to install VNC server inside the Ubuntu server.actually we are creating user friendly light weight desktop environment more likes windows we can use windows short cut keys in side this environment as example ctrl+c to copy crtl +v to past ect.
after that we are install vnc server inside this Ubuntu server and then we download the VNC client Program to remote logging.these are the step we have to follow

Install LXDE inside Ubuntu Server

ok lets get to work first we have to type

sudo apt-get update

 it looks like  this

after that we have to type

sudo apt-get install xorg lxde-core tightvncserver

 this code do dual jobs first it create lxde light weight environment more similar to windows and then it install tightvnc server
see its simple
it will looks like this

then it ask about confirmation Y/N you have to press Y and hit enter
it will like this

then we have to set up the VNC server for the first time so we have to type

tightvncserver :1

it required a password so you can set a password for your server .you can use password less than 8 characters .
then you type password but you cant see any letters its Ok
then it ask for verify password you have to type again the same password.
then it will asked about is it view only password or not you have to type Y and press enter then again you have to submit the same pass word and verify  it
like this

then we have to stop the server to that

tightvncserver -kill :1

after that we have to restart server

for that type

tightvncserver :1

thats it server is start  now we can remotely log in to our server for that we have to download and install VNC viewer to your computer
you can download VNC viewer at

we are almost done now we have to get your unique IP address 

from you can find your IP address from here image show how to get IP address
click cycle near koding-vm-0 and

you can see your IP address copy that IP address

and then open your VNC viewer application then it looks like this
think  this is my IP then at the end of the IP address i put : mark and then i type port number in this case tightvnc server use 5901 as port number
so it looks like this
IP address : Port number
add :5901 after your IP address 

 then press connect
then it will ask for password we gave when we set up enter it and press OK then you can log in to your Ubuntu Server Using VNC remote Logging.

if you have any question please leave a comment below
and also i create a video .it will help you to understand easly.

thank you for watching
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tightvncserver :1

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install xorg lxde-core tightvncserver

tightvncserver :1

tightvncserver -kill :1

tightvncserver :1

your ip Address:5901

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