Friday, November 14, 2014

ONLINECLASSES No 3 How to Solve Nokia Lumia Gmail Connect asked and tap save

ONLINECLASSES No3 How To solve Nokia Lumia Gmail Connect Problem( and tap save)

nokia lumia 710 gmail can not connect to with mobile phone it always ask about and tap save

 i also face this problem so i serch internet but i could not find the right solution but finally i can find the solution its simple
you have to log in to your gmail account ant then click the gear wheel and go to account and import and go to change password recovery option
then it will ask your user name password and submit them and log in to your account
then go to 2 step verification settings
then goto app specific password
and click on manage application specific password
click on select app and choose other and give a custom name and press genarate 
then it will give password and you can use it thats it

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