Sunday, December 27, 2015

ONLINECLASSES No16 How to install Android Studio in Ubuntu/Linux lesson 2

ONLINECLASSES No16 How to install Android Studio in Ubuntu/Linux lesson 2

In this tutorial im going to Demonstrate how to install android studio in ubuntu linux computer
ok here is the summarized steps Android studio suitable for ubuntu
2.Extract the archive and copy.create folder in home directory and renaim it as Application and past here.
3Open terminal altr+cntl+T
4using cd and you can change directory using cd command and go to your android studio file folder in this case i copied to Application
5.using cd command access to android studio folder and there is bin folder again access bin folder using cd command
cd Application
you can view folders using ls command
cd bin
6.there is file named as
7.type sudo chmod 777 +R for give permission
8.then we have to run the file for that type it will open android studio

for more detail you can watch my video

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