Monday, August 24, 2015

ONLINECLASSES No9 how to install NLTK using pip install nltk


hello there
in this tutorial im going to show you some easy way to install nltk framework for natural language processing .nltk is the framework that you can easily analyse the natural language to computer understandable not going to talk about NLP here because its huge area.i like to share my knowledge with you i'm hoping to provide simple NLP tutorial lessons in future.
wel lets go to work

how to install NLTK in python 3.4 in windows computer

first you need to setup pip(python installer package).here is the my previous tutorial about install pip module in windows computer

now its easy open command prompt in administrative mode

click on image to better view

then type pip install nltk and then press enter

that's is now its started to download and it will automatically install NLTK module in to your computer
you can verify if it is installed or not by typing import nltk in python IDE if its shows no errors you have successfully install NLTK
Have a good day
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