Monday, August 24, 2015

ONLINECLASSES No 8How to install pip(python installer Package)

ONLINECLASSES No8 pip install

hello are you hope you are fine in today lesson i'm going to teach a simple lesson .its about
pip python 2.7 version there is no inbuilt pip so we need to configure the pip in to our computer but in python 3.x versions its contain the pip module by default. That's means you don't need to install pip separately.

usefulness of pip

when you are setup pip you can easily install python modules in few types

ok then lets go to work

first you need to download python latest version from this link

after that install python 
then you have done
 but when you are considering about the pip .there is still problem because our computer doesn't know where is the pip is exact location of pip so we have to go to the python folder and script folder see image below

then copy link address

in my computer its c://python34/script

then you have to go to system variables for that right click on my computer go to properties and then go to advance settings then environmental variables

then you can see the variable name path then select it and click edit then you get new window and be careful not to delete any thing in here at the end of the line just put ; mark and then past the link that you copied here is the screenshot of mine you can easily understand

then click ok  and you are ready to go
 then open command prompt and type pip if all the things are OK then you can get all the modules you can use with pip

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